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The Kissimmee-St. Cloud market tops the list of U-Haul Top 25 Growth Cities of 2021, which include 10 cities from Florida and five from Texas.


Peterbilt Service Trucks

peterbilt service truck

If you’re in the market for a service truck, the Peterbilt service truck is an excellent choice. With TLG Leasing, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your own service bays, tracking parts inventory, or hiring diesel technicians. Instead, you can lease a truck from a Peterbilt truck leasing company like Larson Martinez Tax Service.

Electric trucks

Peterbilt is bringing electric trucks to the medium-duty market with the introduction of its new Model 220EV. Designed for regional haul operations, the truck has a range of 200 miles and can be recharged in one to two hours. The truck features two battery packs and an on-board charger, and is the first commercial electric truck to be produced by the company.

The electric trucks for Peterbilt service trucks have a battery-electric powertrain and are available in several models. The Peterbilt Model 579EV is a battery-electric truck that’s optimized for 50-mile drayage operations. The truck can be recharged in three to four hours at night using the recommended fast charger.

Man basket

The Peterbilt service truck man basket is an excellent way to enhance the versatility of your truck. This piece of equipment lets a single technician complete a two-person job safely and efficiently. The man basket is easy to install on most cranes and crane boom trucks. It helps to reduce fall accidents, expensive man-lifts, and labor time spent on the job.

The bed of the service body houses a man basket, gang box, and full lube pack. The bed is also equipped with a custom storage box, which sits atop the side compartments of the IMT service body. The custom storage box shares space with an IMT Dominator IV air pak that contains a welder, rotary screw air compressor, 12 and 24-volt charger, jump starter, and more.


The Powertrain of Peterbilt service trucks is engineered with superior durability and fuel efficiency. The company’s innovative PACCAR® engines are manufactured in Mississippi with lightweight materials to increase fuel efficiency and top power-to-weight ratios. Its transmission is designed with industry-leading attention to detail and combines advanced features for optimal performance and durability.

Loop Energy, based in British Columbia, Canada, has acquired a $7.5 million grant to install a zero-emission powertrain into a Peterbilt Class 8 truck. The company plans to deliver the powertrain to a customer for testing. Its technology uses an electric battery to store energy, and a hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity. The process produces water vapor as exhaust.


Even minor breakdowns can lead to significant costs, and Peterbilt service trucks are no exception. Not only do breakdowns cost time and money, but they can also cause a truck to miss a delivery. These problems can be prevented by following the recommended service intervals and scheduling a full service when needed.

Regular checks for coolant are vital to the health of your truck. You should always check the color, clarity, and particles of the coolant. You can also use a low-cost test strip to determine the amount of antifreeze your truck requires. Regardless of how well you take care of your Peterbilt truck, there will be a time when it breaks down. Then, you can take advantage of the benefits that full-service leases offer.


The Peterbilt brand is synonymous with quality trucks. Their trucks are designed with the needs of drivers in mind and offer outstanding reliability. Founded in 1903 in Texas, the company has grown to be a global player in truck manufacturing. With a strong focus on quality design and manufacturing, Peterbilt trucks have been proving their reliability for decades.

The company’s trucks are also well-built, which makes them an excellent choice for heavy-duty usage. Peterbilt trucks also come with impressive warranties. This is an important benefit for truck owners who expect the truck to last.

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