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Northside Car Service

northside car service

Whether you need a ride for a business trip, or a weekend trip to the beach, you’re in luck! Northside Car Service has been serving the Northside area for many years. It provides its customers with personalized service, honesty, and detailed attention. Their highly experienced drivers are always ready to accommodate your needs.


At Northside car service, we strive for honesty in all aspects of our business. We do not pressure you to purchase services that you do not need or want, even if they are ‘extra’. Our advisors offer honest advice, and they are always willing to make suggestions that may benefit you down the line.

They screens their drivers thoroughly. You will be matched with only legal taxi drivers. They must meet the same quality standards for the service, as the company does. If you are not satisfied with your driver, we will try to help you resolve the issue. We will not tolerate any abuse of the service, or misrepresentations of our company.

Personalized service

If you are looking for personalized service from a car service company, look no further than Northside Car Service in Cherokee, IA. Whether you have a vehicle that needs a major repair, or are looking to upgrade its technology, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be treated with the upmost care and respect. Northside car service technicians know every inch of your vehicle and have the knowledge and expertise to maintain it in great condition.


THIS SERVICE DOES NOT PROVIDE TRIP TRANSPORTATION SERVICES. It acts as a scheduling service and facilitates communication between passenger and driver. It is the responsibility of both the passenger and the driver to follow the terms of the contract. In case of dispute, the passengers and the drivers shall seek a mutual solution.

The TAXI DRIVER must be evaluated by NORTH SIDE CAR SERVICE and provide all necessary documentation. Northside Car Service may block the TAXI DRIVER if a complaint is filed against him. However, it reserves the right to use these evaluations for its internal and external purposes.

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