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Intel ID Q1 ATMsWiggersVentureBeat Review

Intel intel id atmswiggersventurebeat ID Q1 ATMs feature biometric anti-spoofing protection and fast enrollment. They are also extremely accurate, even under varying conditions. In this review, Wiggers examines the new product. She also discusses its features, including fast enrollment, biometric anti-spoofing protection, and the ease of use.

RealSense ID

Intel has announced the release of RealSense ID, an on-device facial authentication tool that will retail for $99, and is aimed at smart locks, ATMs, and kiosks. This new technology is a part of Intel’s RealSense product line, which was developed to give machines the ability to detect human faces and understand depth.

Intel RealSense ID is a low-power, high-quality solution that can identify a person based on their facial features. The technology works with a wide range of face sizes and ages. It has a vertical field of view of 120 cm to 190 cm, and can identify someone from 0.3 to one meter away. The low-power system includes two cameras that are used to authenticate people, an IR illuminator, and a specialized neural network.

Anti-spoofing technology

The Intel id atmswigger has an anti-spoofing technology that looks for the difference between a real face and a fake one. This is particularly useful against photo-based spoofing attacks. It does this by looking for the natural blinking of humans, which occurs around 15 to 30 times a minute and lasts approximately 250 milliseconds.

Camera system

Incorporating real-time software-based analytics, multi-channel streaming, and event-triggered alerts, Intel’s visual compute technology helps advance the digital security industry. These technologies, combined with Sharp’s innovative camera, offer new possibilities for capturing high-definition video content.

Intel’s RealSense ID uses a face-recognition algorithm to authenticate you. The facial templates are encrypted before being stored. You can store them locally or externally depending on your needs. The system is not designed for tailgate detection. However, it does support up to 5 people in the Field of View.


Featuring an integrated digital camera and neural network, the Intel ID Q1 ATMsWiggersVentureBeat is a low-cost ID camera system that combines speed, accuracy, and portability. It’s expected to ship in Q1 2021 for $99 and will work with all forms of access control. The company already has a number of large customers that are using this camera technology.

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