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Easy Ways to Avail Good Insurance for Your Car

According to the government’s mandate under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1998, it has become compulsory to have proper third-party car insurance for all car owners to drive on Indian roads. Considering the heavy traffic and uncertainty of the road condition, opting for proficient car insurance is the right choice. You can definitely invest in the best-selling and most reliable Acko car insurance for your personal and commercial vehicle. Also, getting this car insurance has become the easiest and hassle-free process, as it is done online. The insurance policyholder can also process their car insurance renewal online within minutes.  

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To guide you further, here are some easy ways to avail good insurance for your car in a most effortless and hassle-free manner. Keep reading to know more!


  1. Driver and Vehicle Information


In order to get the best Acko car insurance quote, you need to provide the following information to a car insurance company about the driver and the vehicle you wish to include in the policy. 


The information you will have to share will be the driver/owner’s name and date of birth, driver’s license number and issuing state, Vehicle Information Number (VIN), current mileage on your car, address where the vehicle is registered, name of the registered owner, prior insurance company and policy expiration date, vehicle purchase date and for what purpose do you utilize the vehicle (work or leisure). You must also mention whether the vehicle is for personal or commercial use before filing for your Acko car insurance application. 

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Your insurance company will use this information to verify your driving record for speeding fines and accidents, increasing your premium. The brand, model and cost of your car also affect your premium. A new car will cost more to insure than an older car with a lot of miles on it. Furthermore, if you commute long distances, you will pay more than someone who commutes shorter distances. However, by opting for Acko, you can easily process your car insurance renewal online as well as offline. 


  1.  Calculate Your Car Insurance Needs

The first step in purchasing Acko car insurance is to determine how much coverage you need. If you get too little cover, you risk being severely underinsured. However, if you buy too much, you’ll end up paying higher but not using it completely. Some of the most common coverage types you can consider are liability car insurance and collision and comprehensive insurance. Depending upon your requirements you can also opt for add-ons. 


  1. Compare Car Insurance Prices


When you’ve figured out the right car insurance you’ll need, the next step is to compare prices from several insurance companies to pick out the best. Even for the same coverage, car insurance costs vary quite a bit from one insurance company to another, so make sure you do a prudent purchase by comparing the plans from various providers. Many insurance providers offer hassle-free car insurance renewal, so check that step also.

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If you prefer to shop online, you can find free car insurance by going to an insurer’s website like Acko car insurance or using a comparison site that lets you compare multiple policies all at once. Also, think twice before approaching an independent insurance broker, because they might not be as reliant as they seem. Verify their reliability and authenticity before purchasing through them. 


  1. Buy Insurance Policy and Look for Discount Offers


It’s time to fill out an auto insurance application once you’ve decided on a company and policy. when you buy an insurance policy, your insurance company will send you proof of insurance via email, fax, or mail. Some companies have mobile apps that have your proof of insurance.


A variety of discounts are offered by insurance companies to appeal to a wide range of customers. For example, Acko car insurance gives you many discounts offers to avail. Be sure to ask insurance companies what discounts they can give you when you are comparing your options. Also in the future, if you want to do your car insurance renewal, you can get up to 85%* off using Acko car insurance


  1. Cancel Your Old Insurance Policy


If you already had insurance on your car, make sure the new coverage is active before cancelling the previous policy. You should receive a refund for the unused months. Be sure to get confirmation that the previous policy has been cancelled. 


If you cancel your car insurance coverage before the new coverage gets active, you will be driving your car without insurance, meaning you’ll have to pay for all damages and expenses out-of-pocket if you are in a car accident. If you are not willing to switch to a new provider, you can also opt for the car insurance renewal by opting for a new comprehensive Acko car insurance scheme. Check it out today!

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