Can you use PayPal on Amazon

Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

Can I use my Paypal credit to buy stuff from Amazon? This is the question that each and every regular PayPal user has in their mind.

The answer is “Yes” you can use your Paypal to make purchases from Amazon.

But it is not that simple to make a purchase through Amazon via your PayPal. You need to do some additional steps to make this happen.

So here is another question in this context is that does Amazon allow Paypal to be attached directly to the user account?

The answer is “NO” Amazon doesn’t allow PayPal to be attached directly to Amazon user account to buy directly to pay and make purchases through PayPal.

Why so? Why Amazon doesn’t accept Paypal, one of the world’s biggest electronic payment company?

The reason behind this is eBay, Amazon’s biggest competitor, and Paypal’s association with eBay. Another big reason behind this is Amazon’s own payment service called “Amazon Pay” which is itself a big competitor of Paypal.

“But the good news is there are ways by which you can use Paypal credits to make a purchase from Amazon”

There are two ways to use Paypal indirectly to make any purchase from Amazon

  • Paypal Cash Card
  • Amazon Gift Cards

Paypal Cash Card (Free)

PayPal cash card

Paypal Card is one of the most interesting and widely used features of Paypal. A Paypal cash card is basically a Mastercard attached to your Paypal account. You can use a Paypal cash card anywhere where a Master card is accepted and you can make online as well as physical shopping using a Paypal cash card.

The great thing about a Paypal cash card is that it is completely free, it costs a very low amount when you make a withdrawal from ATM but if you make an online purchase or physical shopping that is completely free.

It is not available for use across all over the world but you can use it across a number of supported countries.

Business account holders can also use this card it is called PayPal Business Debit Mastercard.

Once you have your free Paypal Cash card is with you, you can easily make any purchase from the Amazon checkout page by simply entering your card details.

Amazon Gift cards

amazon gift card

If you cannot get your Paypal Cash Card there are still ways to make purchases from Amazon using your Paypal account.

Another way of making purchases from Amazon using PayPal is Amazon Gift cards.

There are a number of ways to buy Amazon Gift Cards using Paypal, eBay, eGifter.

But be very cautious while purchasing Amazon Gift cards because there can be some serious scams waiting for you, so best practice might be starting from a very low amount to try with and when you have confidence in the card seller you can buy bigger cards too.

Once you have your Amazon Gift Card with you, it is very easy to link it to your account and make purchases from it.

It is quite a simple way to apply the gift card to your purchase.

  • Simply log in to your Amazon account.
  • Go to Your Account.
  • Select Gift Card
  • Enter the Gift Card code and apply it to your purchase.

Now, whenever you make any purchase from your Amazon account you can apply for a Gift Card at check out until you have your Card loaded when your card expires you will not be able to continue shopping and you will need to have a new card attached to your account to continue shopping.




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