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Broken Arrow Trash Service

broken arrow trash service

Broken Arrow, OK, is the fourth largest city in Oklahoma and offers various services to its 112,000 residents across 55 square miles. Residents can choose from curbside recycling and cart-based BROKEN ARROW trash services. Both are collected once a week. Residents can call the city for more information on pickup days and times. During service days, carts should be set out by 7:00 a.m.

Provides cart-based trash/refuse and curbside recycling services

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is the fourth largest city in the state, serving 112,000 residents spread across 55 square miles. The city offers curbside recycling and cart-based trash services once per week. Residents should set out their carts at least seven hours before service day to allow for collection.

The City issues a brown cart for trash/refuse collection, and provides curbside recycling and yard waste services in blue and green carts. Each cart has its own serial number and should be placed at least three feet from the curb. The handle should face the house, and the serial number side should face the street. Carts should not be blocked by trees, fire hydrants, utility poles, or parked cars.

Residents have three options for trash and recycling service. Some areas offer a single-day pickup for refuse, while others offer alternate-week collections for recyclables. The service provider should give residents detailed information about collection schedules and pick-up dates. Residents should make sure to put all refuse inside the carts, and close the lid to prevent spillage.

Does not pick up hazardous waste

If you live in Broken Arrow and your trash service does not pick up hazardous waste, you may have to find another way to dispose of it. The City of Tulsa’s Household Pollutant Collection Facility accepts hazardous household waste year-round. Residents in Tulsa can use the facility for free. This service is available to residents of Broken Arrow as well.

Broken Arrow has a trash service that will pick up trash and recycling once a week. However, they do not pick up bio-hazardous waste. However, they will pick up recyclable items and trash that fit in a cart. However, you must remember to bag your recyclable items.

On the day of the scheduled pickup, residents must place their trash and garbage carts at least five feet from the curb. It is important to place the garbage carts so that they do not obstruct the truck. It is also important to keep cardboard containers out of the trash bin.

Adjusting pickup times

Broken Arrow trash service has begun adjusting pick-up times in order to beat the heat. The city is attempting to minimize the effects of heat stroke by moving the pick-up times earlier in the morning. For best results, place your trash cart on the curb the night before your scheduled pickup time.

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