Glamorous Bottle Service Jobs in Los Angeles

bottle service jobs los angeles

If you love being in the limelight, a career in the bottle service jobs in Los Angeles may be the perfect match for you. These glamorous employees navigate the party crowd like models from Victoria’s Secret catalog, serve drinks, and make conversation. Not only do you get to serve drinks, but you’ll also get to witness celebrity hook-ups and keep Hollywood’s best-kept secrets! Read on to find out more about these glamorous jobs in Los Angeles!

Job Description

If you’re looking for a job in the hospitality industry, you should consider a career as a bottle server. These individuals have the unique responsibility of keeping tables spotless, presenting menus, and serving drinks. In addition, they must have good hips and must have excellent communication skills. In addition, bottle servers are responsible for bringing in new customers and bringing in repeat customers. Their duties include promoting the restaurant and booking tables monthly.

One of the most desirable bottle service positions in the entertainment industry is bottle girl. These ladies are paid for serving drinks, and are expected to entertain guests. They may have to join guests for shots or perform dances. Their contracts often stipulate what they should wear, including length of nails and weight gain. Bottle girls tend to “age out” of this job, so they often report problems with harassment. However, there are many different types of bottle service jobs in Los Angeles.


There are many kinds of bottle service jobs in Los Angeles, but the salary for a bottle server is typically between $1,117 and $37,104 per week. Bottle server jobs include those at bottle clubs, bottle Logic, and even at home club bottle services. Those with experience working in bars and nightclubs earn between $2,965 and $37,104 per week. Bottle server salaries are significantly higher than the average Los Angeles salary for the same position.

High-rolling Hollywood execs and actors eat, drink, and play in L.A.’s nightclubs. Girls working on VIP floors benefit from the opulence and conspicuous consumption of their clients. However, working in a high-profile bar or nightclub requires a great deal of tolerance for alcohol-fueled hijinks. Bottle-buying competitions and unwanted advances are not uncommon, particularly when guys have Grey Goose in their systems.

If you’re interested in working with celebrities, bottle service may be an excellent option for you. A bottle waitress in Los Angeles must have experience in cocktail waiting and be familiar with the finer details of serving drinks. The pay is very competitive and depends on your level of experience. If you’ve been in the cocktail industry for some time, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the unique challenges that arise.

Work Environment

A bottle girl’s job involves serving guests a full bottle of liquor or champagne. Although not significantly different from regular table service, the phrase implies an elite establishment with elite patrons. Bottle service is about providing an elevated experience for patrons and can be quite demanding. Bottle girls usually get contracts that dictate what they should wear, how much they should weigh, and how long their nails should be. This job is notoriously unfriendly and some bottle girls have reported being sexually harassed.

A Bottle Service Waitress may be responsible for making sure a client’s experience is as memorable as possible. Besides serving drinks and upselling bottles, the role of a Bottle Service Waitress may also include promoting a venue, bringing in clients, and booking tables monthly. The job requires the ability to read menus and safety documents. Those with disabilities may be eligible for reasonable accommodations. Some of the more common physical requirements for this position include:

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