BMW of Freeport

Whether you are looking for a repair shop for your BMW or are in need of auto glass repair or a new exhaust system, the BMW Freeport service center has you covered. We’ll discuss the cost, services offered and location. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll be ready to book your next appointment.

Service center

The BMW of Freeport service center aims to offer quick and reliable service to all customers. Their vehicles incorporate the latest automotive technology and offer superior performance. The service staff is made up of BMW-certified advisors and technicians. Whether you need routine maintenance services, engine repairs, or any other type of repair work, they are here to help.

This offers services that range from wheel alignment and tire rotation to air conditioning repair. Their team also handles body detailing, paintless dent repair, and glass replacement. All essential maintenance and repairs are performed at the center. Customers can even rent a car from them during their service. All this is done at a cost-effective price.

The BMW of Freeport service center is located at 100 Cleveland Ave in Freeport, NY. The facility is open seven days a week.

Services Offered

BMW of Freeport provides convenient, affordable, and reliable service to meet your vehicle’s needs. BMW vehicles incorporate the latest automotive technology to provide unparalleled performance. BMW of Freeport service centers employs BMW-certified technicians and advisors who can perform your routine maintenance and repairs quickly and efficiently. They will also work with you to repair and maintain your vehicle to help keep it in excellent condition.

BMW of Freeport service centers provides auto repair services that include wheel alignment, tire rotation, air conditioning repair, wiper blade replacement, and belt, hose, and bulb replacement. These services ensure that your car runs smoothly for years to come. Certified technicians also provide comprehensive vehicle inspections. The staff at these service centers also performs tire replacement services.

BMW of Freeport, an authorized BMW dealership in Freeport, NY, is located at 291 W Sunrise Highway. It offers new and pre-owned vehicles and BMW i Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. It is open seven days a week. Nearby, at 100 Cleveland Avenue, the BMW Freeport service center is 1.5 miles away and offers services for BMW vehicles.


BMW of Freeport offers fast, reliable service. They use the latest automotive technology to give you a superior driving experience. From tire rotation to brake repairs, they offer all the essential maintenance that keeps your vehicle running like new. You can also visit them for a complete vehicle checkup. The service team at Freeport is composed of BMW-certified technicians and advisors.

In addition to routine service, This service offers value service. This includes repairs performed by BMW-trained technicians using original BMW Parts. These parts have a two-year limited warranty. If your vehicle has non-standard options or M Sport equipment, the service may be different than standard services.

BMW of Freeport is a licensed BMW dealership on Long Island, NY. Located at 291 West Sunrise Highway, it offers BMW i Certified Pre-Owned/New vehicle sales. It’s open seven days a week. The dealership’s service center is located 1.5 miles away at 100 Cleveland Avenue.


If you need to have your car serviced, BMW of Freeport offers quick, convenient, and reliable service. This dealership is staffed with BMW certified technicians and advisors who are ready to help you with whatever you need. You can bring your car to their facility for a full checkup or for any of your routine maintenance needs.

BMW of Freeport is a Long Island, NY-authorized BMW dealership located at 291 W Sunrise Highway. The dealership is open seven days a week and sells new and pre-owned BMW models. You can also visit the nearby BMW Freeport service center which is located 1.5 miles away, at 100 Cleveland Avenue.

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