Best POS eCommerce Integration Software In The Market

What’s The Best POS eCommerce Integration Software In The Market?

Finding the aptest POS and ecommerce integration solution is tricky.

As retailers, you are just beginning to make your digital presence and are looking for a system that automates data, offering you real-time inventory status.

Such a multichannel two-way sync helps you get control over your orders irrespective of its point of sale. Also, being present on various platforms creates multiple touchpoints for customers, and they run into your business one way or the other.

For all this to be done, you have to integrate a robust POS ecommerce integration software that lets you centralize tasks and track customers across different channels.

Here, we have gathered three POS ecommerce platforms that offer unique features. You can go through them to understand which one fulfills your requirement.

Kosmos Central 

Kosmos is a robust eSync platform that lets you integrate your POS with online stores and various e-commerce marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify, Lightspeed, BigCommerce, and many others.

Having such a robust system makes the process of selling online much easier. While manual handling of stocks can cause double entries and errors, Kosmos automatically updates stock information from POS to online stores and vice-versa. This minimizes the risk of stock-outs, cancellations, and refunds.

Kosmos works as an iPaaS system that offers integration platforms as a service. One of the fastest forums that let you seamlessly connect with cloud applications, making your online store scalable. Plus, all these are done through Kosmos itself; the user doesn’t have to take care of any complex codes or handle errors on other APIs.

Before committing to Kosmos, you can take their 14-day free trial by choosing any of their three subscription models. If paid annually, the charges of Kosmos start from $39/month ($49 if paid monthly), which makes it super-affordable. However, customer support is limited in the basic subscription model, with no team training which could be a problem for retailers.

Some major features that you would find in Kosmos Central are:-
• Give customers the option of Buy online, pick-up in-store
• Online knowledge base for better understanding.
• Fastest response (within single business hour)
• Support and connect all POS system
• Retailers can integrate any cloud API
• Apt for all business models with scalable features
• Sync unlimited orders and SKUs through Kosmos

Octopus Bridge

Octopus Bridge is a cloud-based integration system that allows retailers to connect their POS/ERP with their online stores. The platform is dedicatedly made for physical store owners who want to build an online presence on eCommerce marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, eBay, Big Commerce, and ChannelAdvisor.

Integrating Octopus would eliminate human interaction and automate business processes from sales to inventory. This will enhance customer satisfaction and improve your business’s operational efficiency.

Through POS eCommerce integration, any changes made on the POS is directly updated on your online store. Retailers can generate reports on backdropping, shipping, payments, web, and sales. In addition, you can download and upload various items from your POS to e-commerce and vice versa.

Unlike any other integration model, Octopus Bridge supports many POS systems, shopping carts, and marketplaces. In addition, retailers can process unlimited orders for free through its FREE subscription model. That means you can set up your free account until you aren’t sure about joining Octopus Bridge.

Plus, sellers would be provided with a dedicated account manager and multiple support systems to help you understand the platform better. Some major features of Octopus Bridge that might interest you-

• Based on a scalable model that offers optimum flexibility
• Retailers can also sell through the BOPIS model
• Robust training, video tutorial, and knowledge base to help solve queries
• Integrate single or multiple POS with your online store
• Three subscription model starts at $99/month (except the Free account)
• Dropship capability
• Set inventory and price rules
• Offer professional support to help in installation, configuration, and training for retailers

Sku IQ 

Sku IQ is a robust plug-and-play system that lets your business sell online and handle different omnichannel platforms effortlessly. They have helped brands like Credo Beauty and UNTUCKit scale and build unique touchpoints for their customers. The platform helps to connect POS with your online store, making the selling process quite efficient.

SKU IQ also offers customized reports to retailers, which allows them to analyze the numbers and determine their future course of action. Opting for a reliable POS ecommerce integration software minimizes overselling by providing real-time inventory changes, eliminating inaccurate sales reports and wrong reconciliations.

However, people have found difficulty in operating Sku IQ for their Shopify website. So, you can first opt for their 3o-days trial period to understand whether or not you’re comfortable using the platform.

Unlike most options, the Sku IQ subscription model is quite different from others. It can only process a certain number of orders per month, depending on your plan. Even for high-volume businesses, there is a limit of 10k orders a month. This makes scalability a very big question for retailers.

Another big problem with Sku IO is limited POS and eCommerce integration options. We would have loved to see other alternatives that have made the platform quite flexible for sellers.

Major features of Sku IQ include-
• Product catalog migration to avoid manual entering of inventory
• Daily or weekly reports
• Integrate BOPIS for your online store
• Dedicated support on premium subscription
• Three subscription model starts at $35/month
• Auto-sync new products
• You can sync unlimited locations

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right POS integration system lets you take control of your orders without manually adding them. It automates your inventory on a real-time basis so that you have the exact number at any point of the day. Plus, having a BOPIS model gives flexibility to buyers and can be adopted through such integrations.

If you are looking for one, then Octopus Bridge is your ultimate option. It is a robust platform that offers integration as a service (IaaS), where brick-and-mortar sellers can jump out of their comfort zone and go digital by connecting their POS with eCommerce channels.

We have helped hundreds of businesses sell across multiple channels, and you can do it. Reach out to us and learn how Octopus Bridge can be your ideal POS partner.

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