Packing Your Bike Bag?: 10 Ideas On How To Do It Correctly

Packing Your Bike Bag?: 10 Ideas On How To Do It Correctly

A motorcycle ride for the long-distance tour is exciting as it can take you almost anywhere from mountains to the coasts. It becomes more travel-friendly when you learn how to pack your bike bag efficiently. Since a motorcycle has a limited holding capacity, you need to know some hacks that can save your time and energy. 

You pack the essentials according to the days of travel. And depending on the budget and your need, you buy the bags accordingly. Many types of loads are available in the market specifically designed for motorcycles. You can choose from saddlebags to many kinds of designer and cool-looking bags. The prices can range from affordable to expensive categories that suit individual customers.

The bags for motorcycle rides come in various sizes. Some bags are to carry your documents and cash like a tank pouch. Others are to take your clothes, food, and other essentials. Although a bike has space constraints, it gives the scope to attach many kinds of bags. Pannier bags mounted onto your bike is large enough to hold up to 50 pounds of packing needs.

Packing bike luggage is easy when you know how to do it with common sense. Read to know some fantastic ideas that can make you pack your bags like a pro.

Space Up By Rolling Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them while packing your bike bag is better. It saves a lot of space inside the bag. It’s like rolling your clothes like a burrito. Heavy and bulky garments like jeans or jackets take enough space in a bag. So, it’s always sensible to roll your clothes in this way. And it is a general packing hack for all types of travellers.

Justify Your Needs

First, make sure about the things you require for the specific journey. Don’t pack your bike bags too packed up, having no room for further needs while on the way. Do you need your charger or Bluetooth? Yes. But if you don’t need a thing with a low possibility of use in the travel, don’t pack it. It’s that simple. 

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Always Put Heavy Items At The Bottom

Putting the heaviest clothes at the bottom will help maintain the bike’s balance. And put the lightest clothes at the top, freeing leaving some space. It will help if you keep the heavy bike bags close to you, which are directly attached to the bike.

Pack Microfiber Towel

Packing your towel wherever you go on an extended tour is mandatory. It’s best to use quick-absorb-type towels like microfibers. These towels dry up quickly and are odour resistant as they dry up quickly. 

Versatile Bag Packing

Pack your riding gears with versatile options. You can pack an all-weather type jacket with a removable liner that will support you to withstand any weather conditions. It will help if you have a pair of waterproof touring boots. Make sure to buy durable and sturdy materials to eliminate any leakage.

Organised Packing

Always try not to make your bike bags too stuffy. Order your packing essentials in different packs. For example, one bag should contain only the clothes; another should include food and beverages, and the other with emergency tools and kits, medicines, and so on. Organising your essentials will help you take out the things easily out of the bags. 

Stuff Items In Extra Pair Of Shoes

On tour, you tend to have an extra pair of shoes in your bike bag. Shoes have some space inside. So, why not use it? You can stuff your T-shirts or underwear inside a regular pair of shoes. And if you’re carrying boots, then you have more holding options. 

Share Essentials In A Group

If you’re touring in a group, it’s not logical to carry essentials like toothpaste, sunscreen, etc., each for everyone in the bike bag. It’s better to share the common thing with everyone, which can save some luggage space. 

Load Your Backpack Effectively

Be sure to carry your backpack with your essential items but not make it too tightly packed. It’s important to keep your load light, so you do not get uncomfortable while riding. You can choose from many ergonomic designers and stylish bike bags to suit your style. 

Secure Your Bags And Bike

It will help if you do not neglect the security system while carrying your most valuable items in a motorcycle. Secure your items with built-in locks or padlocks. Keeps your mobile phone or cash wallet close to your body using a thigh bag or a tank pouch. Also, ensure to lock your bike with a robust security system like a disc lock and cover alarm while parking along with the bike bags attached.

While packing the bags for any tour, make sure you make a proper checklist for all your needs. An organised and categorised packing of bags will let you travel with a free mind. So, follow these essential tips every time you travel. For more options on durable and quality bike accessories and bags, check out CarOrbis and ride your dream destinations. 


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