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Wireless Headphone: Which One You Should Buy In 2023

You can get a number of true wireless headphones under their ‘Soundcore’ brand that are available at different price points and feature extra features like active noise canceling (ANC) and sound customization in their companion app.

A wireless headphone can effectively reduce sound from bus and plane engines, as well as background chatter. However, they don’t do a great job cutting down washing machine rumbles or even low-pitched sounds from your phone speakers.

Soundcore Life P3 Truly Wireless

Soundcore Life P3 Truly Wireless is a solid pair of earbuds that offer a good balance of features. They’re affordable, feature excellent active noise cancellation, and sound great.

The Life P3 has six active noise-cancelling microphones that will create clear sound. That will keep you hearing your music or calls better and won’t let any outside noise in. Plus, there’s an IPX5-rated waterproof design and a charging case that adds another 30 hours of playtime on top of the standard six hours per charge.

The sound quality is very good, with crisp highs and rich bass. Souundcore signature EQ lets you easily tweak the sound. A BassUp mode also automatically boosts the bass if you switch on the app.

If you’re on a budget but still want good noise cancellation, then the Life Q20+ soundcore headphones are great. They’re comfortable, feature a decent noise canceling feature, and come with a great companion app for tweaking the sound.

Life Q20+ High-res audio

The Life Q20+ wireless headphones look practically identical to the previous model. Still, they pack a few moderate upgrades, including an improved ANC feature and a slightly smaller headband that should fit most people better than the old one. They’re also more lightweight, making them easier to carry around for long listening sessions.

The Life Q20+ has a more consistent frequency response across the bass, mids, and treble ranges than the previous model. They sound fairly balanced overall, with a slight bump in the high-mids that will likely emphasize lead instruments and vocals. Here are some more features:

Hi-Res Audio.

Custom oversized 40 mm dynamic drivers produce Hi-Res Audio. A certification is only awarded to devices capable of producing exceptional sound. Music is reproduced with extended high frequencies that reach up to 40 kHz for extraordinary clarity and detail.

Reduce Ambient Noises By Up to 90%:

The Life Q20+ features 4 ANC microphones and a digital active noise cancellation algorithm to detect and cancel out a wider range of low and mid-frequency noises like cars and airplane engines. This makes them a great flight choice, extending your playtime up to 40 hours when in wireless ANC mode and up to 60 hours in standard mode.

Final Words

Wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many different types and brands to choose from. This article will help you decide which wireless headphones are right for you and your needs. We’ll review the different types of wireless headphones, their features, and what to look for when choosing a pair. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which wireless headphones are right for you. And you can get the best one from the Soundcore website. You can browse their different headphones online and check the prices and choose one according to your requirements,

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