ethereum name service edges closer to 2 million domain registrations

What is ethereum name service edges closer to 2 million domain registrations

Name ethereum name service edges closer to 2 million domain registrations service is a critical part of any web system. It’s the software that helps you find resources such as websites and email addresses when you type something into a search engine. What many people may not know is that name service can also be used to identify assets on the web, such as companies and products. In fact, many blockchain-based applications rely on name service to identify users and their accounts. Ethereum name service (ENS) is one of the most important projects in the world of blockchain technology, and it’s getting closer and closer to hitting its target of 2 million domain registrations. If you want to help ENS reach this important milestone, read on for tips on how to register a domain with ENS.

What is ethereum name service?

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized naming service on the Ethereum network that allows users to register .eth names and resolve them into human-readable addresses. As of October 2017, ENS had registered nearly 925,000 domain names. The popularity of ENS may be due to its low costs and lack of centralization. Transactions on the Ethereum network are irreversible, meaning that users can’t get their money back if they make a mistake when registering a name.

How does ethereum name service work?

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized naming system that allows users to register .eth domains. ENS allows for more than one name to be registered per domain, and the system will take into account the preference of the user when resolving an address.

ENS was initially proposed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in late 2013 as a solution to the problem of low domain names availability. At the time, Buterin noted that “there are probably millions of domain names whose owners don’t even know they’re available.” In January 2017, ethereum announced that they had registered over 1 million domains using ENS.

ENS works by storing data about all registered domains in a file called a “root zone.” The root zone is stored on nodes running ENS software, and it’s accessible by anyone with access to the internet. Anyone can add or edit entries in the root zone, and this process is known as “dns resolution.”

When someone wants to access an address located on a domain name that’s been registered with ENS, they first need to find the corresponding record in the root zone. The record contains information about both the .eth domain name and its corresponding IP address.

Once someone has found a record containing an address they’re looking for, they can use a special command line tool called dnsmasq to query DNS servers for the IP address associated with that domain name. If DNS servers aren’t

How many domain registrations have been registered on ethereum name service?

Ethereum’s name service edges closer to million domain registrations.

As of July 10, ethereum’s name service registered 998,774 domains. This is a 131% increase from the same time last year and a 335% increase from the start of 2017.

Domain name registration on Ethereum’s name service is open to everyone, without any restrictions or KYC requirements. This makes it an ideal platform for individuals and businesses who want to build a website or domain name.

The growth in domain registrations on the Ethereum Name Service reflects continued interest in decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain technology. Ethereum is used by companies such as Microsoft Azure and IBM to built dApps, which are often more secure and efficient than their traditional counterparts.


Ethereum name service edges closer to 2 million domain registrations. The past few weeks have seen a surge in the number of ethereum domain names registered, with the platform registering over 1,900 new domains between Monday and Wednesday. ENS core developer Nick Johnson said that this increase is likely due to increased interest in Ethereum as a result of recent price spikes. “The domaining community is always an early adopter of new technology and it makes perfect sense that they would jump on board Ethereum when prices are high,” Johnson said.

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