How to Start and Run a Successful GP Surgery

How to Start and Run a Successful GP Surgery

Many doctors choose the entrepreneurial path by opening a GP surgery once they have enough years of experience and when they do not want to keep working at healthcare facilities. Starting a GP surgery is a great option because these doctors can bring healthcare services close to the communities they love. While it can be beneficial, starting a GP surgery can be challenging, requires careful planning, and can take a considerable investment in time and money. To ensure the success of your GP surgery, we have put together some tips that can help you ensure the success of your new business.

Be careful About Financing

Most people start their businesses using financing, and it is not surprising that many healthcare professionals do the same when starting GP surgeries. That said, you need to be careful about financing because it can introduce complications that you would rather not worry about.

Start by shopping around for financing that has favorable terms and be sure to read the fine print. Many banks and lenders are always looking at opportunities to lend to doctors because they know they are low-risk customers, but they tack on harsh terms and conditions that can hurt you.

Apart from reading the fine print, you also need to ask about the fees attached to the financing. Some loan and financing facilities have hidden fees that will come back to hurt you at some time, so it is better to know if they are there so you can avoid them.

Leverage Available Technology

Running a business is difficult and this is why you should use every available tool that makes the process easier. There are numerous management applications and software that make running a GP surgery much easier.

These apps and software can take care of mundane and repetitive tasks so you can focus on running the business. They can also save you a lot of time and increase your productivity. Some can also handle things like employee scheduling, payroll, patient management, dictation, and holiday schedules so you do not have to think about these things.

Choose Reliable Equipment Suppliers

Choosing medical equipment suppliers is another important part of running a successful GP surgery. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing one, but you generally want to ensure they have the equipment you need, can supply quickly, have great support, and have discounts for bulk orders.

These discounts are important because you want to save as much money as possible when starting the business. When you shop for medical equipment including medical curtains from, you are sure that they will always have what you need in stock and that you are eligible for discounts that save you money when you make bulk orders.

Be creative With Your Marketing

Every doctor who starts a GP surgery thinks they have the best practice. The reality is that no matter how good the office looks or the service you provide, people do not want to visit your office. They do it because they have to and so you should be creative with how you market yourself and your business.

Start by thinking about how you will brand yourself and your business. Your logo, colours, fonts, and how you present the business to your potential clients could make or break the business. Outdated branding makes the business appear outdated, and this can lead to few customers visiting your office.

A critical part of your GP surgery branding is your website. Every modern business should have a website, and this also applies to GP surgeries. This is where people go to find information about your practice so it should be full of information in addition to being user-friendly.

You should also embrace both traditional and digital marketing. Many businesses forget that traditional marketing options like newspapers, direct mail, brochures, radio and TV still work well for businesses like GP surgeries. Combine this with digital marketing like social media, email, and blogs for the best results.

Make Communication an Integral Part of the Business

Happy patients are the key to successful GP surgery.  Keeping in touch with them and communicating from time to time will foster a bond that makes them choose you over other GP surgeries.

Communicating regularly with your patients can also lead to better monitoring and reduce the risk of complications and bad feedback.

The good news is that there are a lot of ways to communicate with your patients. At the very least, you should make your email and phone numbers available so they can reach you whenever they wish or have an issue.


Starting and running a GP surgery is not as challenging as most people think, but it still presents various challenges and has nuances you should be aware of. Running a successful one revolves around the services you provide, how you treat your patients, and how well you can manage finances. Add in good customer care and marketing, and you might have a successful business on your hands.

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