The Coolest Cartoons That You Need to Watch With Children

The Coolest Cartoons That You Need to Watch With Children

The magical world of animation immerses every adult back into childhood and gives the child new unforgettable impressions and stories. Remember how for the first time you watched your favorite cartoon, impressions, and excitement as when playing online slot casino.

Today in this article you will find a list of the coolest cartoons that are worth watching yourself or watching with your child. You probably know most of the cartoons from this list because they have worldwide fame, but we will remind you why they are so good and why they should be reviewed by an adult. Let’s get started!

The Lion King (1994)

Two Oscars, three Grammys, three Golden Globes, and just world recognition — a cartoon whose plot hardly needs to be retold. Let’s just name a few names: Simba, Mufasa, and Timon with Pumbaa. When you review with your child (or suddenly watch for the first time), pay attention to the soundtrack. The creators borrowed gloomy fragments of the musical theme from Mozart’s requiem. And Rafiki’s song “Thank you very much, eat a banana” is a children’s rhyme from Africa.

Balto (1995)

is a cute and kind cartoon about friendship and devotion, which is no worse than the “Lion King” can pity even an adult. The main character is a persecuted young wolf dog (a cross between a wolf and a Siberian husky). The plot of the cartoon is based on real events: in 1925, the brave sled dog Balto delivered a serum against diphtheria and saved the children of the town of Noma in Alaska.

Zootopia (2016)

Zveropolis is a city inhabited by animals. But unusual animals: live a very human life. They have jobs, families, and ideals. And they, like people, face racism and stereotypes. For example, Judy Hops, a rabbit, dreams of becoming a policeman since childhood, where cowardly-eared people usually do not belong. But if you want something, no stereotypes can stop you.

This is the third Disney cartoon in which only anthropomorphic animals “play”. And the character of Nick Wilde is completely copied from Disney’s Robin Hood from the cartoon of the same name — he was also a fox.

WALL·E (2008)

People have completely littered the planet and left it in search of a new home. There are only sorting robots left, which clean the Ground. WALL-E is one of them. But not like them: he keeps interesting things for himself, watches movies, and learns to feel. By the way, this is the first Pixar cartoon in which real actors were filmed (to properly convey the character of animated characters).

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

A kind and beautiful love story, a Disney classic. The plot of the cartoon, most likely, you know: the beautiful Belle for the sake of her father agrees to become a prisoner in an enchanted castle. There she falls in love with the prince, who was turned into a terrible Monster for his bad character and thereby saves him. By the way, this is the first cartoon that was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Picture category.

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