3 Things to Share With Your Fans Besides Your Music

3 Things to Share With Your Fans Besides Your Music

When you’re a musician the music comes first. You put hours, weeks, months, sometimes even years into a single song or album. Your heart and soul goes into every line, melody, and lyric. It’s only natural to want to share your music with your fans. It is as though you are giving a piece of yourself to them, directly or indirectly, and with every click or purchase they accept and love what you’ve delivered.

But there are ways to connect to your fans that go beyond just music distribution . Because once the music is in their hands and ears they have what they need, or so it seems. As an artist, you want to keep that connection continuous. You want to give keep that conversation going with your audience so that they feel as though they know you. So, how do you do that?

Here are 3 things to share with your fans besides your music


Whether you are a solo artist or part of a band, a great way to really connect wih your fans is to help them learn your songs. Sure, anyone can go online and figure out how to play an instrument these days. But in the digital age, as YouTube reigns supreme, you have an incredible opportunity to be the one(s) to teach your fans how to be like you. Who better to instruct an instrument tutorial then someone who plays that instrument? And no one will appreciate it more than fans who already dig your sound–literally.

You can either give a tutorial on how to play your own set of songs or go with some classic covers. The key is to talk to your fan as though they are right in the room with you. Have a conversation into the camera as though you know them, as if you can see their face. At the end of the tutorial encourage your fans to subscribe to more content or be on the lookout for your latest song or album drop.

When you deliver free content you establish a relationship with your fans that feels authentic, which drives them to make purchases down the line.


Fans out there want to connect on a deeper level. After all, that’s what music does. It hits the soul in a way that other forms of art, or really anything one buys, cannot. A great way to reach your audience in another way is to share your values with them.

Advocating and partnering with non-profit organizations is a good way to give back, but it also aligns with your values. Are you a big animal lover? Do you care about the environment? Do you have children? Is someone you know sick? Share this side of your music with your fans, and encourage them to give back as well. You might find that there is an entire fan base out there who cares about the same things you do, and will feel connected to your music even more after learning about your values. Another benefit to sharing your values with your fans is that they will hear the cause in the music, and come up with their own story. Not only does it connect to them but it will build a story.


These days, nothing seems to be private anymore. If you’re comfortable with it, another thing to share with your fans besides your music is your day-to-day life. Documentaries are taking over streaming services (just look at Netflix). Now, thanks to camera phones, you can create your own small-scale documentary. “A Day in the Life” ideas are fun, interactive ways to allow your fans to get to know you. They’ll see small details of your life, from the coffee you drink or your pet to the town you live in or food you buy, and feel a connection to you and your music through it. You don’t have to feel pressure to share every detail (some mystery can go a long way). But certain aspects of your life that get shared with your fans can create a bond in the smallest ways.

Sharing your day-to-day, whether it be all the time or just once in a while, is also a good opportunity to promote your music, or any paraphernalia you might want to sell (wear a shirt in the video and it’ll have fans instantly wanting it). Play a song as background noise and your fans will be more likely to want to listen to it, again and again.


Music is the gateway from your soul to your fans. But when you share certain things besides the music you create (like tutorials, values, and your daily life) fans feel a connection.

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