Wichita Falls Police Department

Wichita Falls Police Department

If you’re in need of quality police services, then the Wichita Falls Police Department is the place for you. It offers a variety of services that are sure to meet your needs, no matter what they may be. From investigations to providing security and more, the Wichita Falls Police Department has got you covered. In addition, it’s one of the most technologically advanced police departments in the country, making it easy to get in touch with officers and file reports.

Wichita Falls Police Department

The Wichita Falls Police Department is a law enforcement agency that operates within the city of Wichita Falls, Texas. The department was founded in 1903 and is currently composed of over 130 sworn officers. The department’s primary mission is to protect and serve the citizens of Wichita Falls by providing quality police services. The department also maintains an active criminal investigation division that conducts investigations into crimes that have occurred in the city.

The History of the Wichita Falls Police Department

The Wichita Falls Police Department was founded on September 1, 1922. The department’s first police officer, R. E. Hayward, served as the department’s first Chief of Police. The department quickly outgrew its original headquarters and relocated to its current location on North Elm Avenue in 1949.

In 1951, the Wichita Falls Police Department created its first narcotics unit. Over the next several years, the department continued to expand its capabilities and bolster its ranks with additional officers and resources. In 1968, the Wichita Falls Police Department merged with the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office to form a unified law enforcement agency known as the Wichita Falls-Hutchinson County Department of Public Safety (WFPD).

Over the years, WFPD has worked diligently to maintain its reputation as one of the premiere law enforcement agencies in Texas. The department has maintained a sterling record for community policing and continuous training in order to stay ahead of latest trends in criminal investigation techniques

The Department’s Mission and Vision

The mission of the Wichita Falls Police Department is to provide quality service to the community through proactive policing, education, and support. The department’s vision is to be a world-class law enforcement agency that protects and serves its citizens with professionalism, integrity, and commitment.

Department Structure

The Wichita Falls Police Department is a municipal law enforcement agency in Wichita Falls, Texas that serves the city and surrounding areas. The department has a total of 67 sworn officers and employs a number of support staff. The WFPD is organized into three divisions: Patrol; Investigations; and Support Services.

The patrol division consists of 31 officers who are responsible for maintaining public order, investigating criminal activity, and providing general police services to the community. The investigations division comprises six detectives who are responsible for conducting complex investigations, managing intelligence data, and coordination with other agencies. The support services division consists of thirteen officers who provide various services to the department such as dispatching resources, training officers on new tactics, and providing support to special units.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for the general policing of the City of Wichita Falls. The Patrol Division’s primary responsibility is to maintain public order, protect citizens and property, and provide emergency services. Patrol officers also investigate crimes, conduct traffic stops, and respond to calls for service.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division of the Wichita Falls Police Department is responsible for investigating all criminal offenses that occur within the city limits. This includes investigations into homicides, assaults, burglaries, thefts, and any other type of crime. The detectives in this division work closely with the Crimes Against Persons Unit to investigate cases involving sexual assault and child abuse. They also work closely with the department’s forensics unit to collect evidence and track down suspects in these types of crimes.

The Investigations Division is also responsible for conducting internal affairs investigations into officers who may have committed violations while on duty. These officers may have committed felonies such as murder or manslaughter, or they may have committed misdemeanors such as theft or vandalism. If an officer is found to have committed a violation, he or she may be subject to disciplinary action including dismissal from the police force.

Traffic Services Division

The Traffic Services Division is responsible for the enforcement of traffic laws and regulations within the City of Wichita Falls. Officers patrol the city streets to enforce these laws and make sure motorists are following the rules of the road. The division also oversees pedestrian safety, provides assistance to disabled drivers, issues parking citations, and enforces traffic ordinances related to noise, speed, and red-light violations.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division provides a variety of services to the citizens of Wichita Falls. These services include police support, investigations, and community outreach. The Support Services Division also provides training for officers in the field.

Community Relations/Public Information Section

The Wichita Falls Police Department (WFPD) has developed a strong community relations program that is designed to build trust and improve communication with the citizens of Wichita Falls. The department’s public information section is responsible for providing timely, accurate information about police activities to the community. The section also provides media relations assistance, coordinates crime prevention programs, and supports efforts to improve quality of life in our neighborhoods.

The public information section consists of a coordinator, two interns, and three full-time employees. The coordinator is responsible for developing and coordinating the department’s community relations program; staffing the section; managing the department’s website; and providing media relations assistance. The interns help with various tasks related to the community relations program, while the full-time employees provide support for the website and media relations efforts.

Since its inception in 2000, WFPD’s community relations program has been praised for its dedication to building trust and improving communication with the citizens of Wichita Falls. Working together as a team, we are committed to ensuring that all residents have access to up-to-date information about what is happening in our neighborhoods and that they know how they can help make their communities a better place to live.


The Wichita Falls Police Department is a notable law enforcement agency in the Wichita Falls region. The WFPD employs over 400 sworn officers and civilian personnel to protect the citizens of Wichita Falls and surrounding areas. The department operates out of six strategically located districts, each with its own set of responsibilities. From responding to calls for service to investigating crimes, the WFPD does it all.

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