How are wooden canes made

How are wooden canes made?

The wood used is chestnut shoots, which are cut in the forest, every three or four years, during the winter period before the sap rises. The wood is sorted, delimbed and bundled on site. The wood is received at the factory, where peeling must take place without delay.

This manufacturing phase takes place from February to March. The fagots are placed in vats of boiling water, the fire is fed under each vat. Lumbuy offer you world’s best quality wooden walking canes. The cooking time is about two hours, the peeling is done manually as soon as the wood is taken out of the vat.


After peeling, the wood is put outside so that the water evaporates completely. It takes about a week to get counted. Then, storage is done in ventilated sheds. It will be necessary to wait at least one year before proceeding to the various stages of manufacture. The first manipulation is the sorting of wood. We must determine their use for canes or walking sticks taking into account the length, size and other elements depending on the model.


The end to be bent is the strongest part of the shoot, that is to say the one located closest to the root, the wood is placed in a tub of hot water in order to soften it, then it will be bent on a machine suitable for this purpose, the handle is bent with force and tied to prevent it from returning to its natural shape.


The woods, in order to be softened, are first placed in an oven for a few minutes, then they are straightened one by one on an easel, this is undoubtedly the most delicate operation because it requires a certain number of years to acquire the knack and ensure a straight wood.


The many knots in the wood must be sanded carefully, sanding is carried out on a sander specific to our trade. The sanded canes are then stored in a dryer, where the drying time varies according to need. This room is heated day and night by the same oven used for straightening.


The canes or sticks are then washed manually with sand and hot water. Then it will be necessary to determine the desired finish, the items being delivered in natural wood or flamed varnished. For flamed items, work is done using a gas torch. A second straightening should be done before finishing.


There are several options for the tip:

  • Round metal tip for children’s canes and sticks and some adult canes,
  • Rubber tip for walking sticks used in town,
  • Spike and ferrule for adult canes and sticks used on mountain ranges.


Whatever the article, the end of the curve or the top of the stick is rounded and polished. When it is a stick, a hole is made in order to place a leather strap after the varnishing.

Engraving and varnishing

Depending on the request, we can engrave an edelweiss, a chamois, an ear of wheat or other logo as well as the name of a locality, a region or any specific request. Everything ends with the varnishing and the fitting of the leather strap for the poles.

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