Workplace Safety with Shock Reducing Casters

Enhancing Workplace Safety with Shock Reducing Casters

Facilities that regularly move equipment and cargo with carts, trucks, or racks can jolt their cargo and increase the risk of workplace injuries. This is especially true when those equipment are navigating rough surfaces and floors.

Choosing dual-wheel shock-reducing casters for your carts, trucks, or racks can significantly reduce noise and vibration. This can protect your cargo and make it easier to transport your equipment safely.

Reduced Noise

Shock reducing casters reduce the noise equipment and carts generate as they roll. Typically spring-loaded, these casters allow the load to transfer vibration and impact into the caster rather than the floor, keeping it quieter.

In some environments, the noise from moving equipment and carts can significantly deter productivity. For example, a hospital ward or manufacturing plant may have trouble hearing employees over the constant chatter of towed carts.

Shock-reducing casters are ideal for these environments as they absorb vibration and shock to protect sensitive loads from damage. They also help to keep the environment quieter and safer for employees. These casters are available in various types and loads, including medical casters, industrial casters, restaurant equipment casters, office casters, point-of-purchase displays and shelving, and much more. They are easy to install, offer exceptional ergonomic performance and make moving equipment effortless. They also are non-marking to keep floors clean and safe.

Increased Stability

Carts designed for harsh environments are often subjected to much shock impact. Dual wheel shock-reducing casters can help reduce damage to carts and other equipment by minimizing the initial impact of rough surfaces.

The springs on these casters deform to minimize the jolting and movement of the payload, so it does not suffer from any significant damage that would otherwise occur if the cart were to come into contact with hard floors or thresholds. The wheels are less likely to wear down when the shock is absorbed, and maintenance costs are also reduced.

Workers and operators find moving equipment in hospital or clinic settings much easier when shock-reducing casters are in place. This also reduces the effect on their limbs and bodies as they move the equipment. This is particularly important for patients who are recovering from surgery or illness.

Reduced Body Roll

When employees move equipment with traditional casters on uneven floor surfaces, the casters can cause carts and dollies to shake violently. This jarring motion puts pressure on the casters, causing them to wear down quickly and potentially damage the equipment. With shock-absorbing casters, the wheels provide a smoother ride, reducing this damaging impact and extending the life of the casters.

However, the operating environment can make or break a caster’s performance. Choose the wrong caster for an environment with metal shavings, and it will wear out quickly. Similarly, dropping equipment on its casters at the beginning or end of the shift can cause the wheels to bang against the floor and encourage side impact forces. This will damage the casters and lead to workers’ injuries.

Reduced Impact

The constant movement of carts around manufacturing floors can cause shock and vibration, leading to premature wear and tear on the equipment. Shock-reducing casters help minimize this impact and protect delicate payloads.

Choosing the right casters for your cart, truck, or rack will reduce noise, vibration, and other workplace hazards, helping your employees stay healthy, productive, and happy. With a wide selection of sizes and load ratings, you can find the perfect caster for any light- to heavy-duty industrial application.

These casters have a spring-loaded design that absorbs the impact and vibration transferred to a cart or truck’s cargo. This enables them to offer a smooth ride, helping prevent damage and making it easier to maneuver loads.

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